by David Keith Jones

Released 2012
Released 2012
Banish boredom by the first track! David's creations include jazz, comedy, social comment & love songs. Prize-winning poetry by Jean Tatton Jones is on tracks 10 & 11. Cyfieithuodd (translated) Victor Evans, Tynewydd, 'Pit Closure' i'r Gymraeg.
David Keith Jones has recorded independently since 2010 and by 2011 had promising rankings plus a million hits on You Tube. His vocals and instrumentals range from opera to jazz. He is a leading singer of Arie Antiche and developer of Gershwin backing. David began as a chorister in Wales then played in a band, also singing occasionally. After university and voice tuition he led an opera group in St Albans and was coached by Gerald Davies, former principal tenor at Sadlers Wells Opera. David’s roles include Don Jose, Turiddu, Rodolfo and Alfredo; also in oratorio as Elgar’s Gerontius and in Aykbourn's play as Gosforth. David lives in Milton Keynes with his wife, artist Jean Tatton Jones. Google: David Keith Jones
Notes on each song:
01 Affectionate tour of the USA via music publishing
02 A love affair survives - 'How many times?' (French)
03 A love affair survives - 'How many times?' (Italian)
04 Our Cat Dillon - Dylan Thomas - Bob Dylan
05 Reflecting on life in colour moods
06 Reflecting on life in dreamy aspects
07 Dennis the children's dinosaur escapes the coming ice age
08 Life still in the old Cockney dog at sixty-six (past 64)
09 After the war - peaceful European holidays (German lyrics)
10 Jean Tatton Jones: prize winning coal poem (Welsh & English)
11 Jean Tatton Jones: prize winning love poem (Sad reflections)
12 Musing on the present and future of a year old granddaughter
13 Jazzy observations on learning high school German 1955-57
14 Welsh anthem 'Hen wlad fy nhadau' translated into Italian
15 Spring to autumn end of a love affair and winter recovery


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